Life Groups

Life Groups

Great things happen in life groups! Westwood has recently started a life groups ministry. We believe this model follows the Biblical example set forth in Acts 2. The early church met in homes and we believe that meeting in homes will help grow our church family closer together and will be a great outreach tool to share our faith with others. These groups discuss the morning sermon and dive into the Biblical text with questions designed to create discussion, dig into the Word, and reflect on how it can be applied in our lives.

Here is a list of the leaders and the time of their life group (groups with a * meet at the Westwood building):

11:45 – David Britton*

1:00 – Bob Deason*

1:30 – Terry Boyd

1:30 – Tim Deason

5:00 – Byron Chambers

5:00 – Tim Jennings

6:00 – Jimmy Priestley*
John Hanson
Ken Beck
Rudie Thomsen
Mike Garrison*
Brad Hillis
Kelly Hillis*

To get involved in life groups at Westwood please contact one of our group leaders or church office.