School Information and Pictures

School Information and Pictures


It is the philosophy and purpose of Westwood Day School & Kindergarten to provide a Christian atmosphere in which students may acquire skills and knowledge necessary to function to the best of their ability in the environment and society in which they live.

We are proud that our Kindergarten class is equipped with a Pro ActivBoard.  This is an electronic interactive whiteboardTe.  This is a multi-touch functionality, integrated sound and software system.  The system creates captivating learning experiences for your child.

Our school is equipped with a Computer Lab Classroom for our students.    We have enough computers so every child will have a computer to work on at the same time.  Also, Westwood Board members are proud to announce our students are being taught Spanish.

We are proud of our faculty and staff and we offer our very best for your child.

Our Day School Teachers

Teachers shown above are: (L to R)
Catherine Bryant – Kindergarten
Chelsey Grissom – 4 year olds
Alisha Byford – 4 year olds
Tina Hobbs- 3 year olds
Emily Colvin – Extended Care
Not shown: Abbey Whitworth – Assistant to Extended Care



Activ board

Our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Catherine,  is teaching her students  with a Pro ActivBoard.  This board is an electronic interactive whiteboard with a multi-touch software system.  The students really love this experience of learning.


Our kids love learning Spanish from Mrs. Ava Gregersen.  She comes to our school one day a week to teach our students.  Thank you Mrs. Ava for the great job you have done for the past 2 years.