The Westwood church family is a mission minded group of people.  We are involved in local missions as well as foreign missions.  Our largest foreign mission effort is a work in Honduras with the Union de Fuerza Church of Christ and Baxter Institute.  We also have supported foreign missions in the Dominican Republic, and Baja, Mexico.

Local mission efforts include Hamilton Street Housing Authority Activity Center, Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School, and West ElementaryWestwood believes in the importance of community outreach. We have three main organized methods of community outreach, but we believe that reaching those in the community is the job of every member. Westwood has a food pantry that is open to those in the community by appointment. To learn more about the food pantry click here. Westwood also has a clothing room that is open twice a month. To learn more about the clothing room click here. Westwood also reaches the community through weekly broadcasts of their services. For a list of all radio broadcasts of the congregation click here.