Love God. Love Others. Love Serving.

Westwood Day School


The mission of the Westwood Day School is to provide a Christian atmosphere in which students may acquire academic, social-emotional, and developmental skills needed to be successful in their environment while being ready for elementary school. 

The program of Westwood Day School strives to direct attention to the Christian faith through value education – love, faith, hope, caring, sharing, forgiving, cooperation, and appreciation. The primary value permeating the program is that every person is valued by God. A primary goal is to provide an environment where each child has opportunities to develop a sense of self-worth and his/her own unique gifts as a child of God. 

The educational philosophy of Westwood Day School is that children learn best through play and hands-on experiences. This is best accomplished through the use of games, manipulatives, and learning centers rather than with drill and paper/pencil tasks. Learning activities are offered in fine and gross motor skills, art, music, math, science, and language development. The classrooms are set up to provide opportunities for free choice, large and small group activities, and individual needs.

Our Day School Teachers

Brittany Watts – Kindergarten
Chelsey Grissom – 4 year olds
Alisha Byford – 4 year olds
Glenda Kell- 3 year olds